Do you know ANYONE like this? 

Grumpy Frog is not grumpy! He is excited about green (but only green, definitely not pink), he loves hopping... and he loves to win! But what happens when Grumpy Frog doesn't win, or encounters... a pink rabbit?

Join Grumpy Frog as he learns about compromise and tolerance, friendship and the power of saying sorry. You didn't hear this from me, but it's possible this book was inspired by the endless intolerance we've seen in recent political events. Am I saying there are a few politicians who act like toddlers? Possibly. 

Grumpy Frog has been nominated for The Sainsbury's Childrens Book Award.

The Bookseller - 'My favourite yet of Vere's brilliantly irreverent picture books... Contrary he may be but this wonderfully expressive little fellow will have you charmed. Infectiously funny, it's a dream to read aloud, with a positive message about friendship, compromise and saying sorry. And children will adore the snappy twist in the tail.'

Financial Times - Grumpy Frog is horribly prejudiced against anything that isn't green like him. That, along with his relentless competitiveness, means he isn't much fun to be around, but in the depths of loneliness will he learn compassion and tolerance? It's a scrappy, happy tale 

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Grumpy Frog isn't grumpy - ok!? He loves green - he loves hopping. He just has a couple of minor issues with various colours. Whatever you do, don't mention PINK.

Oh dear

Whatever will happen to Grumpy Frog?!

There's only one way to find out...

The hilarious story of a cantankerous creature who loves hoping, winning and the colour green ... Pre-schoolers will roar with laughter at Ed Vere's witty illustrations (Daily Express)

The hilarious tale of a frog who loves hopping, winning and all things green. But what happens when he doesn't win and a pink rabbit offers to be his friend? (Daily Mail Online 'Summer's Hottest Reads')

A rather neat moral tale that's brilliantly written and illustrated with a kind of frog-like frisson of energy and intensity, as you'd expect from Ed... A fabulous central character narrates his own story, with tons of opportunities for read-aloud fun. Ed has done it again! (Read it, Daddy)

Frog is having "one of those days" and he's not afraid to tell everyone. As long as things are going frog's way, we'll all be ok, but when they aren't, we're all inn for it! This delightfully discombobulated frog has emotional challenges and this book is about learning to deal with them. Despite his disdainful surface demeanour, deep down Frog is nothing but charming, and little readers will be chortling with laughter as they join him in learning how to embrace difference and manage emotions (WRD About Books)

Vere's signature vibrant colours and thick black lines brilliantly accompany the dynamic text, touching on some difficult themes with lightness and zeal... this is a great example of a humorous anthropomorphic picture book working perfectly as a platform to showcase some very serious issues. (Library Mice)

This deftly told story shows how important it is to say sorry, and to compromise - and how that will get rid of the grumps in the best possible way. (Parents in Touch)

A fabulously colourful tale of compromise, tolerance and realising your own shortcomings. It's a story that invites children to acknowledge their own emotions and embrace their own weaknesses. (Picture Books Blogger)

A hilarious book with a twist in the tale about getting, and getting rid of, the grumps, Grumpy Frog subtly teaches the importance of being kind to all. (Parent Talk)

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